| Hacci |

Introducing Hacci, our new artist from Chiba, Japan.

 Alumna of the Joshibi University of Art and Design, Hacci has a special interest in Japanese styles of art such as Nihonga. Her vision is to honour the classical styles of painting, while also embracing contemporary culture and technology for inspiration. She employs a wide range of tools, from basic hand sketches to computer graphics, in order to fully explore her ideas before finally expressing them on canvas.

 In these pieces, she creates a unique fusion by using a traditional method of painting to depict contemporary anime style subjects.

비아캔버스는 해외의 작품성 있고 개성있는 작가들을 발굴하고 국내에 소개하고 있습니다.

작가와의 협업아래 허락받고 올리는 이미지로 불펌 및 이미지 도용은 법적으로 처벌됩니다.

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